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WICKED MOTORSPORTS *New* Wicked P-Dub 50 unleashed the power and sound at 10,000RPM!! ( VIDEO ADDED IN PICS) 


Check out posted Dyno results!


Shows an actual 2-Stroke “POWER BAND”! 😱 +14MPH Speed gains! +30%increase in power! With only bolting on our Wicked P-Dub 50 pipe 🔥💨


Tunning on (STOCK 2022 BIKE): SIMPLE SETUP All we did was bolted on the Wicked Pdub 50 Pipe, and Moved needle clip position Down 1-clip. which raised the needle up 1 clip postion.  Not other jetting was needed.


We are ready if you are 🦾


Coming soon. Billet P-Dub 50 head! 

Wicked MotorSports HP Series. P-Dub 50 pipe and silencer.

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    Name, address and phone number to verify shipping cost. We will then issue you an invoice via email.

    Unfortunately, our website cannot process international orders.

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