Wicked ATV Cheetah Cub Kit 392,421,429,443,465

SKU: 0012

100% made in the USA kit.

By Wicked Motorsports Cheetah "CUB" kit. comes as is ready to bolt on including our Wicked Torque with your spec request. With our wide yoke foot print dome to avoid cylinder damage from the thin round domes shells.  Which leads to premature o-ring failure and resurfacing when needing to replace or re-plate.

Parts included: 

1-Cheetah Cub nikacil plated cylinder

1- Signature series Anodize black. Wicked Motor sports billet 1pc. Head with 2-interchangeable domes.

1- Head O-ring Kit

10-Chrome Cap Nuts with hardware for Head.
2-Wiseco Pistons
2-Stud extenders
4-Cylinder water jacket plugs
1-Base Gasket
2Reed Gasket


***Starting Price 1449.99***

for additonal Cost you can add any crank options from +4,+5,+7,+10
Many other combintaion options per request.

Contact # 714-530-2215


Need it installed we can do that too.

    Color: Black

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