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What has become a big failure and hard to source any more from Yamaha. Are Original Parts for RZ/RD350 from Yamaha. Since we beleive in using Factory parts when it comes to ignition parts. We felt it was time to design a new coil replacement idea and more modern upgrade. We intergrated the Yamaha Banshee coil on to a RZ with a Original location Mouting bracket out of 6061 Billet. Kit is now availible from us complete +WORKS FANTASTIC! Road and Dyno Tested perfect. This mod is on my personal bike for several years with no problems after no luck finding a Original NOS Coil. Contact us with any questions or intererst 


Kit Includes:

-Brand new YAMAHA Coil

- Coil Wires

-New NGK Rubber water proof 90-Deg Plug Boots

-Wicked Motorsports New Billet Mounting Brakcet.



  • Please email us at to place orders.
    We will process all orders through PayPal.  Please add SKU# and product name you are interested in, along with your
    Name, address and phone number to verify shipping cost. We will then issue you an invoice via email.

    Unfortunately, our website cannot process international orders.

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