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What has become a big failure and hard to source any more from Yamaha. Are Original Parts for RZ/RD350 from Yamaha. Since we beleive in using Factory parts when it comes to ignition parts. We felt it was time to design a new coil replacement idea and more modern upgrade. We intergrated the Yamaha Banshee coil on to a RZ with a Original location Mouting bracket out of 6061 Billet. Kit is now availible from us complete +WORKS FANTASTIC! Road and Dyno Tested perfect. This mod is on my personal bike for several years with no problems after no luck finding a Original NOS Coil. Contact us with any questions or intererst 


Kit Includes:

-Brand new YAMAHA Coil

- Coil Wires

-New NGK Rubber water proof 90-Deg Plug Boots

-Wicked Motorsports New Billet Mounting Brakcet.



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