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Another long awaited prototype is coming to life. Like a double headed Viper. So we Named this one the 2 into 1 “VIPER PIPE”

We are excited with sound test and power delivery ( Video in Clip) . Our power goal was low to mid, But! We also Achieved a Killer Over Rev. With Hitting the Power Deliver at the Snap of your Thumb. To put the work in for the weekend warrior Blipping and Spitting the Tires around. For those that like to just wheelie up a Dune Side, Jump in the trails, Hit the Mototrack Or Just walk their banshee for Miles on back 2 tires. This is the Pipe! Goes great for ( STOCK Cylinders or Midly Tuned) great for new riders needing more low end hit, Or Vetern Riders wanting to break the Rules of a Powerband. 


Works great with Stock 26mm Mikuni Carbs, 28PWK's, 33-35mm Keihins. Or Single Carbs like the 2 into 1 CV Kit 

You can also or have added all the bolt on power adders that Contribute to Compression, Reeds, Timing Advance. that will suit the Pipe Options 



We are now taking Pre Orders for Current Price of $799.99 +shipping and Once after the Honeymoon is Over and get into Inventory. They will be up to $899.99+ shipping E-Mail Us, Message us direct or give us a Ring at 714-530-2215. Also Text Options 714-530-2216 Mention Viper Pipe. 


  • Please email us at to place orders.
    We will process all orders through PayPal.  Please add SKU# and product name you are interested in, along with your
    Name, address and phone number to verify shipping cost. We will then issue you an invoice via email.

    Unfortunately, our website cannot process international orders.

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