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It’s time to go from ordinary to extraordinary

The Wicked Motorsports line of sport quad wheels are a must-have for your sport ATV. These wheels are constructed from high-strength lightweight 6160 aluminum. That means these wheels can take a beating on the track or trails and keep rolling on! They are durable and can make even the oldest and roughest ATV look great!


Fits: Yamaha Banshee Metric Spindle


Available in: 10x2 Spindle Mount Wheel with or without Brake Hub


Pictured: Black Anodized 


Message us your ATV’s or custom build make and specs for pricing and details. 

Contact us via: FacebookMessenger, Email ( or Phone (714-530-2215)


The Gambit Billet10x2 Spindle Mount

  • Message us your ATV or custom build make and specs for pricing and details.

    Contact us via: Facebook Messenger, Email ( or Phone (714-530-2215)

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