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New RZ350 Product RELEASE


  • Wicked MotorSports All years RZ350 Specific Billet clutch basket. Designed specifically for use with Clutch dampener O-ring. To prevent clutch chatter/knock at idle, quieter and smoother clutch engagement/Disengagement.
  • RZ350 VS Banshee aftermarket baskets. Banshee fits with unfortunate play on a RZ since the spring washer from Banshee was not designed to be used on RZ350 between primary gear. Also The RZ350 anti-Chatter O-Ring has no location on after-market brand or Chinabay Banshee baskets. They always have a loud annoying chatter at idle which also contrbutes to basket fit wear. 
  • Billet T-6 Thick backing plate, recessed to clear kick idler gear, Hard anodized. Making it a lighter rotating system vs the stock steel pressure plate.
  • Billet vs Cast. Billet Allows clutch assembly to spin more true creating less heat when the clutch is disengaged and providing a more positive, smooth clutch engagement.
  • Improves heat dissipation with vented fingers machined and lighter rotating mass.
  • Helps eliminate clutch chatter and Harmonics.
  • With pinch design threads. To easily rebuild and remove backplate screws. (We still suggest the use of Loctite minimum blue)
  • Hard anodize coated to provide a high resistance to wear* (*using OE type plates with proper maintenance).

Includes: Billet basket, Anti chatter O-ring, poly rubber dampener cushions, 4-Allen head bolts, Billet backing plate.

  • HP/TQ throw whatever you got at it. We got you covered if our basket fails. (If Improperly used, installed, or non-basket related damage. No warranty will be warranted. The basket must be returned for inspection at the owner's cost. We make the decision)

    Made with USA Made
    T-6 Vs Chinese soda can soft Aluminum.
    Starting Priced $229.99 + shipping (drive gear not included)


*International orders* If Interested just drop us a message or  Call


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"The Quiet" RZ350 Billet Clutch Basket.

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