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-Product No: WMS-RZ-TQHD



-Finish: MACHINE CNC FINISH Price:$359.99 Add Anodize: $40.00

-Description: Wicked Motorsports CNC Billet RZ350 Torque Head 1983-TO LAST YEAR YPVS RZ-350


BILLET TORQUE HEAD.WITH INTEGRATED THERMOSTAT LOCATION! THE ONLY ONE OF IT'S KIND TO HAVE THIS OPTION IN THE INDUSTRY! After working on engines for the past 20 years Wicked Motorsports decided to make the last after market head that would be needed in the 2-stroke YAMAHA RZ350 industry. For the 64-70mm bore size YFZ 350 Yamaha Banshee. Wicked Motorsports took all the aftermarket head flaws in the industry and developed the flawless 1 piece interchangeable dome head, Wicked Motorsports discovered the average head has air pockets causing hot spots in the combustion and Cylinder chamber. Wicked Motorsports eliminated that problem by chambering the flow pattern and having the coolant flow through all the chambers around the domes. This forces the coolant flow through the cylinder walls and through the dome area out the cylinder head. The end result a cooler running head and cylinder. As you read below Wicked Motorsports did not just stop there.


-POWER: Improves all around power band & increases horsepower. For great options to recess domes for +4mm,+7mm or +10mm stroker motors! (Depending on engine applications)


-ONE PIECE: One piece head with interchangeable domes to improve the strength and structure over the flimsy standard factory RZ350 head.


-HEAT: Dissipates heat from cylinder and head with proper flow patterns. As well has factory location built in thermostat location! Also creates higher contributions from prevention of cylinder detonation with our billet domes and angles.


-FEWER HEADACHES: Bolt on! Only requires 8-o-rings which stay in location while assembly with out falling out! -MINIMIZED: No cylinder stud changing required. You can use the factory studs with out having to remove them and. Bolt on design!


-COMBUSTION CHAMBER: Domes available in 15cc-26cc Custom Domes also available by request with an additional fee. COLORS: Torque heads available in Std CNC Finish, Black Anodize or High lust polish! Other colors available by request. ALL HARDWARE INCLUDED SHOWN IN PICTURE + DOMES of CHOICE 64mm-70mm Bores. Specify what piston you are running and we will supply the matching dome for your motor No extra Charge! Last but not least... These heads are WICKED looking!!!


-So you read this far and you ready to purchase your new head? Please have all these details ready when you place you order. Usually helps to just copy and past it to your E-mail inquiry or we can walk over these questons by phone 714-530-2215.


WICKED MOTORSPORTS BILLET RZ350 TORQUE HEAD ORDERING QUESTIONNAIRE. Here are some questions we will need answered so we can supply you the correct domes with your head.


-1. What model Cylinder if *stock* if not stock what is the exhaust port height?

-2. What type of fuel you going to be running *octane*?

-3. What elevation will you be riding your bike at?

-4. Is it a Std. 54mm stroke with std. 110 rods? If not please explain set up with details such as piston being used with what angle is the piston. Most the time we can figure it out with the make of the piston model for you.

-5. If using spacer plate or not? If spacer plate is being used please supply from cylinder deck how much the piston protrudes out of bore at T.D.C.? If no spacer plate supply what thickness base gasket you are using.

-6. What stroke is the crank?

-7. What bore size is your piston? If we are missing any other details you'd like to add please let us know.


All Heads  machined per customer request. Please give a little lead time for custom domes to be completed. 

RZ 350 Billet TORQUE and COOLER Head

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