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The new REM Isotrophic Super Finishing Straight cut gears by Wicked Motorsports. Designed for the Yamaha Banshee and water cool RZ/RD350.

Benefits: removes the helical gear side load on main bearings. While gaining horsepower and torque.


Select the Gear best for you.

  • 2:68 Gear Ratio. Recommend for 1-5 override for street racing or long hill shooting using 2-5 override. * Using the 2:68 ratio helps get away from needing to use large countershaft sprockets or needing hard to find smaller rear sprockets.
  • 2:86 Gear Ratio. More align with std gear drives ratio for short course like 300 ft drags or to just maintain your std gear ratio to use TZ type max load main bearing on the PTO crank side.

Recommended Additions:

  • Works well with a high power Dunner/trail Banshee

  • Works well in a high power RZ350 pushing big power loads on track or drag racing.

REM Isotrophic Super Finishing Straight Cut Gears by Wicked Motorsports

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