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The Original Keihin. 39PWK, 35PWK,34PJ and 28 PWK are ready to hit your mailbox and bikes.

-Also available pre tuned with 25 years of Dyno and Racing all variations of combinations. You name the setup, we know what your bike needs to feed it. From being a grocery getter in the Dunes,Dirt, Road racer or Drag racer.

-Available per request as a complete kit: Carbs of choice, Wicked Billet intake, Wicked Billet float bowls, “REAL” K&N filters, outer wears. Throttle & combination options for BANSHEE, RZ350, LC350 hybrid, RD400, RD350 and we are working on more 2-stroke bike options to come.


For inquires feel free to call us at 714-530-2215 or message us through chat. we will try to help you find the proper carburator option to set you up with. 

Original Keihin. 39PWK, 35PWK,34PJ and 28 PWK

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