Light weight Banshee/RZ350 Engine Dress Kit. ( RED ANODIZE)

SKU: 0011

With a look that will deffinatley Pop out in any show or display of your Yamaha Banshee or RZ350. A really nice and easy 3pc access Billet 6061 stator cover with O-ring. We made it water seal proof to prevent corrosion of your stator. Which these days are becoming really expensives or obsolite. We also made the Stator Cover tall enough to take the Impact if you laid your bike down and are replacable. Also our Water Pump/Oil Pump Covers can also take a drop of your RZ/RD. We as well Machined the Oil Pump/ Water Pump covers tall enought to accept the oil injection pump so there wold be no issues like a standard Banshee water pump cover. 


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