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Wicked Motorsports ATV. Anti Seize Clutch Pusher. New Generation 2. We've made this for nearly 20 years. We've never had a failure. We just felt it was time to Tune it up and make it Better. Less play in installation and Still Rebuildable. 

This is a must have option if you do a alot of clutch engagement and disengament in racing or Normal Riding. Most problems happen when a cheap clutch starts to slip or your clutch is starting to slip. 


Also if you often coast your bike in gear with clutch lever pulled.  Example like coming off a Dyno pass or down hill. More than often your stock clutch pusher is cooking against that push ball and will result in failure.


We've also done more than just offer what we originally designed 20 years ago. We've spent the time to update and make it as compact as possible. To remove extra turning weight out of 7075 Billet alloy Instead of steel. Double washered for the "TORRINGTON" Flat cage bearing. Uses OEM YAMAHA hardend adjustable cam screw so you don't have to use a cheap non hardended threaded rod. We also went as far to 6 point the end. to easliy hold with a 10mm Wrench. VS using a Open box wrench that 95% of the time people over tighten and oblong the part then not fitting into the main Transmission shaft. That problem is Often seen with cheap Knock off attempts made of cheap alloy.




Billet Anti Seize Clutch Pusher.

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