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New 1979 DAYTONA RD400-F Product RELEASE


  • Wicked MotorSports 1979 DAYTONA RD400-F Specific Billet clutch basket. Designed specifically for use with Clutch dampener O-ring. To prevent clutch chatter/knock at idle, quieter and smoother clutch engagement/Disengagement.
  • 1979 Daytona RD400-F VS Banshee aftermarket baskets. Banshee fits with unfortunate play on a RD400-F since the spring washer from Banshee was not designed to be used on RD400-F between primary gear. Also The RD400-F anti-Chatter O-Ring has no location on after-market brand or Chinabay Banshee baskets. They always have a loud annoying chatter at idle which also contrbutes to basket fit wear. 
  • Billet T-6 Thick backing plate, recessed to clear kick idler gear, Hard anodized. Making it a lighter rotating system vs the stock steel pressure plate.
  • Billet vs Cast. Billet Allows clutch assembly to spin more true creating less heat when the clutch is disengaged and providing a more positive, smooth clutch engagement.
  • Improves heat dissipation with vented fingers machined and lighter rotating mass.
  • Helps eliminate clutch chatter and Harmonics.
  • With pinch design threads. To easily rebuild and remove backplate screws. (We still suggest the use of Loctite minimum blue)
  • Hard anodize coated to provide a high resistance to wear* (*using OE type plates with proper maintenance).

Includes: Billet basket, Anti chatter O-ring, poly rubber dampener cushions, 4-Allen head bolts, Billet backing plate.

  • HP/TQ throw whatever you got at it. We got you covered if our basket fails. (If Improperly used, installed, or non-basket related damage. No warranty will be warranted. The basket must be returned for inspection at the owner's cost. We make the decision)

    Made with USA Made
    T-6 Vs Chinese soda can soft Aluminum.
    Starting Priced $229.99 + shipping (drive gear not included)


*International orders* If Interested just drop us a message or  Call


Check out our clutch options, Anti Seize Pushers to go with our baskets also.


- 1979 DAYTONA RD400-F Wicked Clutch Kit 45-85 hp | Wicked ATV


  • Please email us at to place orders.
    We will process all orders through PayPal.  Please add SKU# and product name you are interested in, along with your
    Name, address and phone number to verify shipping cost. We will then issue you an invoice via email.

    Unfortunately, our website cannot process international orders.

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