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1974 H1E came with the updated CDI and crankcase check valve. If you know Kawis this was one of the better updated options.


This 1974 Kawasaki H1 motorcycle is truly a rare remarkable find in today's 2-Stroke market, with a mere 7100 original miles. From the inside of the fuel tank to the frame, this bike displays an exceptional level of cleanliness. All components remain untouched, except for the routine replacement of tires and battery. With minimal alterations, such as the addition of  tires and regular maintenance, this H1 has been excellently preserved for its Milage.


The original paint job still shines, albeit with a few minor scuffs and signs of wear on the side panels. Despite being nearly 50 years old, the frame showcases only expected signs of age, making it appear closer in age to a 15-20 year old motorcycle. This can be attributed to the bike's life spent mostly garaged, ensuring its stunning condition Bonus being a California Bike where it is rarely seen if any rough weather conditions. The original controls show no indication of any unfortunate mishaps, and the impeccable seat reflects its minimal usage over the years.


This bike is practically ready to ride, merely requiring a few steps to start its engine. Alternatively, it can be proudly displayed as a trophy due to its limited time spent on the road. Furthermore, it is currently California plated, but can easily be re-plated anywhere in the world. The icing on the cake is the presence of the matching Original blue plate, adding to its authenticity.


The Bike could be viewed at the 2-stroke Extravaganza or at our Facility in Garden Grove CA. Feel free to contact or text us at 714-530-2216 or Message us as well. We are pretty active on Messenger. 


You can contact us to make purchase, We can also Arrange Shipping at additional cost Domestic or international. 


PRICED: $21,000 We can make arrangements with bank wires as well. 


You want to try your luck on E-Bay. you can chase the listing here.

1974 Kawasaki H1 500 Triple Model H1E Candy Green: Amazing Vintage 2-Stroke!

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